Friday, September 13, 2013

Chronic Illness on Local Anesthetic

I don't know about all of you... but my body cannot handle the pain involved with local anesthetic.
Two examples have come up this year for me.
First:  I discovered that along with my Fibromyalgia/arthritis  comes dry mouth, dry mouth equals lots of cavities.  I had six cavities that needed to be filled this year.  I had to have local anesthetic in my gums and nearly fainted and became instantly nauseous and dizzy.  I chalked this up to a bad FM day.
Second:  Fast forward six months and I need to go in for day surgery to have an IUD inserted.  The Gynecologist suggested sedation and told me I would not remember the procedure.  Sedation... ya no... I was fully aware and awake for the barbaric procedure.  As soon as they went to put the local into my Uterus my body decides to go into shock shaking uncontrollably and crying and screaming out in pain... hello full sedation!
They immediately put me under fully.
These two episodes caused me to put two-and-two together to come to the conclusion that my body does not like local anesthetic.
I have never had this experience before this past year.  I was just fine going to the dentist... I was just fine having surgery.
Now, in both cases, I am getting them to fully sedate me before I get any local anesthetic.
I hate that my body reacts this way to pain.  I hate that it is programmed to react to pain.  I hate that I do not know how to reprogram my body to not feel as much pain as I do.
My girlfriend had to go into the hospital this week due to pain of FM causing her to throw up all her food.  She couldn't get the pain under control with her normal medicines.  This got me thinking... is my body going to start rejecting the helpful medication that I am currently on?
I am not looking forward to that day coming.
I am still recovering from having the IUD inserted... still bleeding... still nauseous... still cramping... still in pain.
I need to breathe, I need to relax... I need to trust in God that He will be with me through all of the storms that come with having a Chronic Illness.
God, please bring me your peace that truly surpasses all understanding.  I do not know how YOU do what YOU do Lord, but I trust in you.  Please heal all my friends with Chronic Illnesses.
My heart hurts for the many, many people suffering from Chronic Pain.
No matter what it is caused from... pain hurts!
This week is Chronic Illness Awareness Week.
Hug someone with a Chronic Illness... send them some love.
Our illness might be invisible but our needs are not!
Hugs and many blessings to all my spoonie sisters!
Love Kelly Watts