Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Hidden Behind but found in Surgery

So I did it!  I had my Hysterechtomy and the surgery went well.  There was only one hiccup... My OBGYN found scar tissue from Endometriosis on my left ovary and Fallopian tubes so they needed to be removed.  I found that to be rather interesting.  I have gone for numerous pelvic ultrasounds all my life for pain in my ovaries.  When I was 22 I went to an OBGYN and he determined I had Endometriosis.  He told us I probably would not be able to conceive children.  Hmmmm...

He scheduled a laporoscopy and DNC to confirm his diagnosis.  A day before surgery God nudged me to go take a pregnancy test...

I was pregnant!  

I cancelled the surgery.  The Dr. Said "good news because pregnancy cures Endometriosis! ".

So alls well then.  I went on to have two precious babies and my body cured itself by getting pregnant!  Awesome!

I still had pains in my abdomen I couldn't explain, I chalked the pains up to "monthly agitations, ovulation pains," that sort of thing.  But every now and again the pains would cross that line of bearable to unbearable and off I would go to get an ultrasound yet again showing nothing wrong.

Well, it all makes sense now!  I still had Endometriosis and it was hidden between my uterus and left ovary.  That's sneaky!

I feel blessed that it was found before it got so bad I would have lost both my ovaries and was forced into early menopause.  However, my OBGYN has calmed my fears by telling me my right ovary is strong and healthy and Endometriosis free.  I won't be forced into menopause - thank you Lord!!!

I feel blessed to have been given the 'greatest gift' of giving birth to two boys!  I don't
know what I would have done had I not been able to have my babies.  I am incredibly blessed to be a Mama! When the Doctor said the word Endometriosis things all clicked together, for once I could understand where one form of pain was bothering me all my 'adult' life... the other pains well I don't know that I will ever fully understand the 'why's' or the 'whats' etc., but for this one thing I am praying that having a hysterechtomy will take care of that 'pain' anyway! I consider myself blessed already and I haven't healed from surgery yet! Our bodies are very complex, sometimes working against us when it hides something like Endometriosis for twenty something years! All I can say is that I am 'thankful'.  Thank you God that I only had to have one ovary removed.  Thank you God that my other ovary is healthy.  Thank you God that I am now on the road to recovery. I also must thank my Church Family, they have been so generous in preparing meals and visiting and making us feel extremely loved. God bless you all.I pray for healing for you always. Kelly Watts