Thursday, October 10, 2013

IUD and Me

So, August 28th I had a procedure to insert an IUD.  (see below post for what happened).
September 29 I went into my Gynocologyst and had it removed.

The problem:  I was extremely nauseous the entire month, living on Gingerale and Gravol.  I cramped and bled, then REALLY bled the entire month.  I felt the IUD pinching me.  I was so dizzy and had black outs.  At night I would be laying down and suddenly my skin was burning up, burning behind my eyes, waves of nausea would wake me up every night... It was a horrible horrible month.

The moment she took the IUD out my nausea stopped, the pinching stopped.  It was amazing.
I bled pretty heavy for a week afterwards but it was nothing compared to when the IUD was inside.

I am now booked for a Hysterechtomy in November and I am looking forward to it.  I have sufferered with pain since my cycle first began as a teen... Add the pain of Fibromyalgia and Hyper mobile joint pain and I am so READY for my cycle to be done with!

I am praying that this will be what I need to maybe get some of my life back!

I know the IUD Mirena was not for me!  I have reacted to every type of birth control the Dr's. have put me on.  I bleed all the way through the month; Instead of helping my cycle they make it far worse.

I am so looking forward to that part of my life being over.😄


Kelly Watts
(Spoonie Sister)