Tuesday, November 5, 2013

I Will Not Fear

I am scheduled for a Hysterectomy at the end of the month.
Yesterday a nurse phoned me for all the pre-op questions...
she told me I should bring my photo ID and my health card,
then some comfortable pajamas, and oh ya... my WILL!
Okay Lord, that scared me.
I was a little consumed with fear I must say.
Then... His peace came.
His gentle whisper came...
I know the Lord will not give me more than I can handle,
I will not fear.  I will not fear, I will not fear.
I WILL work on that!
I have come to the realization in the past couple of months just how much my body is now programmed to fear pain.
I hate just the thought of adding even an ounce more of pain to my body...
I WILL work on remembering this too!
I will not fear!  I will not fear!
God is my comforter, my peace and my salvation.
I will not fear!
Im praying for all of your lovely spoonies out there who KNOW exactly what I am talking about!
May you find rest when your body just cant take it anymore,
may you find comfort in your lonely times,
may you sleep and may your sleep be sweet.
Loving on you fellow spoonies.
Much love and blessings

Kelly Watts