Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Almost Done Prolotherapy

I haven't posted lately because it has been a tough number of months tiring to recover from Prolotherapy treatments.  I only have one more treatment left out of 12.  I am really looking forward to not going through these painful treatments.

Has Prolotherapy cured me?  Unfortunately not, but it has strengthened my joints and I am able to exercise a little bit.  More than I have in a long time.  It is a slow road to learning how to live in this body of mine.  However, I am determined to feel better no matter what so I will continue to go forward on this journey.

I have learned quite efficiently how to tape my ankles and knees to help with not over stressing the joints.  For my ankles I tape them from bone to bone around the ankle, then from the bottom of my foot upwards around my ankle bones.  This has added a great deal of support.

For my knees I tape them pulling my kneecaps towards the inside of my legs.  This too adds strength to the joints as well as calms down the pain and inflammation.  Every person is different though depending upon the degree of hypermobility, if these particular joints bother you I suggest asking your Physiotherapist if taping your joints in this manner would help you.

Praying you are very blessed and can put this information to good use.


Kelly Watts

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Prolotherapy - Session 5 DONE!

Image result for prolotherapy
The above photo accurately depicts what it looks like to receive Prolotherapy.  The Nurse Practitioner/ or Doctor uses an Ultrasound Machine to ensure they do not hit any arteries or nerves and directly injects in between muscle and joint in your painful areas.  I am told that Naturalpaths do not use an ultrasound machine and that scares me as Eric (my nurse) has told me when he can see my arteries and nerves and without the machine how would you miss them?  So if you are going to get Prolotherapy, please ensure they use an Ultrasound.
Part 1 of my Prolotherapy consists of 6 sessions of injections into four areas of my body.  I have four main places he injects on my upper right spine, three on my upper left.  Then there are about six places he injects into my hip area.  Next he moves on to my left wrist then all five fingers.  Finally, my right ankle in three places.  (Apparently I win the prize for the most prolotherapy in one session before :)
Prolotherapy is a slow process and after five sessions (10 weeks time) I am beginning to see changes.  I have developed these bumps in my hips that are tender but feel strong and what I am feeling is the extra strength in that area, it is a good response.  My Physiotherapist told me she could feel strength in my spine that I did not have before Prolotherapy.  Also, the recovery time has changed drastically with this fifth session...
the swelling in my wrist and fingers went down within a day, where it took a whole week before.  Day 2 after session 5 I have already walked up and down the stairs 3 times and walked to and from our mailbox - before I was in bed for almost a solid two weeks until my next appointment (in other words I would just begin to feel better the day before Prolo).  My husband told me he notices my strength when Im sitting up in bed, not supported, as well as I am not trying to support my neck by holding it up by balancing my thumb on my top teeth.
Huge praise report to the goodnes of God`s grace and mercy.  I am so very thankful that the Lord led me to Prolotherapy.  I am feeling that I might just get my life back after so many years of being in pain.  Praise God!
Wishing you blessings on your healing journey.  May God lead you to your healing.
God bless you with much love
Kelly Watts

Monday, February 9, 2015

2 Session of Prolotherapy

Well friends I have had my second session of Prolotherapy!  Woohoo! That means only 4 more to go on the first section.
Prolotherapy works by building up layers around your joints to protect them and this occurs with 6 consecutive sessions (every two weeks) of injections.
In between I go to get IMS and an adjustment by a Physiotherapist at the Spinal clinic.
So far we have been able to inject at six points on my spine (3 on each side),  I think there are four points on my hips, three on my right ankle and I was brave enough for the Practitioner to do three spots on my left wrist!.  (Yes this procedure hurts A LOT, but I think it will be worth it).
Once we are done these pretty major points we go on to do my left ankle and my right wrist as well as both of my knees.  When it comes to ankles and wrists you only want to do one at a time because you will not be able to use them very well after treatment for about three days.  Apparently this does not become a problem with the knees.
How do I feel after two sessions...
I am exhausted but hopeful.
It takes time to build up layers so unfortunately I will not be able to see the benefits until after the 6th session recovery which will be 12 weeks from the first session.
I will keep you posted and up to date on how my healing progresses.
At this point I am trusting in the Lord for my healing.  I have some amazing prayer warriors that have fought many battles for my healing and Im holding on for dear life because I know the VICTORY that is coming, and I'm ready!

Praise the Lord!
Blessings to you my Friends.
Much love
Kelly Watts

Friday, January 23, 2015


Hello there friends.  I want to share with you some progress i've made in regards to fighting the Chronic Pain of having Joint Hyper Mobility with joint pain.
Since I was the age of 9 I have had what I thought were really bad growing pains.  My knees and wrists and fingers and toes would all ache to the point of tears.  I have dealt with that aching pain now for well over 30 years and was told that no one could help me.
My Doctor basically does not know what to do with me anymore, he has helped me as far as he can in regards to getting my medications to help.  He is not familiar with Hyper Mobile Joints.  On our last appointment he suggested I go to a Spinal Clinic where they specialize in chronic pain and he said hopefully they would be able to help my Hyper Mobile Joint issue too.
So... I go to my first appointment at the Spinal Clinic and...
I meet Vicky.
Vicky who listens to me,
Vicky who understands me,
and Vicky who reads my body like an open book and knows exactly where my tender points are!
She immediately assessess my body and determines that I should be wearing a 'hip-belt' and (Im not kidding) the second she helped put it on my hips I felt relief!  Relief that I haven't felt in a long time.
She also looked at how misaligned my body was and proceeded to realign me. 
Then she said words that I have never heard coming from someone in the medical profession before...
"I can help you."
These words were music to my soul.
In this one appointment I received so much hope.
She told me about a medical procedure called PROLOTHERAPY.
Prolotherapy (aka Regenerative Injection Therapy – RIT), also known as ligament reconstructive therapy or sclerotherapy, is a recognized orthopedic procedure that stimulates the body's natural healing processes to strengthen joints weakened by trauma or arthritis. Joints weakened when ligaments and tendons are stretched, torn, or fragmented, become hypermobile and painful. Traditional approaches with anti-inflammatory drugs and surgery often fail to stabilize the joint and relieve pain permanently. Prolotherapy has the unique ability to directly address the cause of instability and repair the weakened sites, resulting in permanent stabilization of the joint. When precisely injected into the site of pain or injury, prolotherapy creates a mild, controlled inflammation which stimulates the body to lay down new tendon or ligament fibers, resulting in a strengthening of the weakened structure. When the joint becomes strong, pain will be relieved.
(Prolotherapy is a series of injections of local anasthetic and a form of Glucose)

This week I had my first Prolo session and I'm not going to lie to you, it HURT!
I was scared before hand but I had my Church praying over me that I would have strength to endure the painful procedure.
A friend of mine mentioned that I should use music to distract me, so as soon as I learned the basics of the procedure I asked the Nurse Practitioner if it was okay that I distract myself with music and he agreed that would be fine.
The Nurse injected into 15 key points, but within each point he moved around to inject further into the joints, my husband said there were probably 80 injections in all.  I was stoked that I made it through.
Right after the first three injections into my spine I had to lay on my back with my feet up to get rid of the nausea that came on from the painful injection, but within a minute the nausea went away and I turned over and right to it again.
I was so proud of myself and so thankful for the prayers and the power of God that got me through.
I will know how well this procedure has taken within three months as it needs to build up layers and heal itself in all the areas affected.
I'm praying this will be a life changer for me and will bring back some quality into my life.
Many blessings Friends.