Monday, February 9, 2015

2 Session of Prolotherapy

Well friends I have had my second session of Prolotherapy!  Woohoo! That means only 4 more to go on the first section.
Prolotherapy works by building up layers around your joints to protect them and this occurs with 6 consecutive sessions (every two weeks) of injections.
In between I go to get IMS and an adjustment by a Physiotherapist at the Spinal clinic.
So far we have been able to inject at six points on my spine (3 on each side),  I think there are four points on my hips, three on my right ankle and I was brave enough for the Practitioner to do three spots on my left wrist!.  (Yes this procedure hurts A LOT, but I think it will be worth it).
Once we are done these pretty major points we go on to do my left ankle and my right wrist as well as both of my knees.  When it comes to ankles and wrists you only want to do one at a time because you will not be able to use them very well after treatment for about three days.  Apparently this does not become a problem with the knees.
How do I feel after two sessions...
I am exhausted but hopeful.
It takes time to build up layers so unfortunately I will not be able to see the benefits until after the 6th session recovery which will be 12 weeks from the first session.
I will keep you posted and up to date on how my healing progresses.
At this point I am trusting in the Lord for my healing.  I have some amazing prayer warriors that have fought many battles for my healing and Im holding on for dear life because I know the VICTORY that is coming, and I'm ready!

Praise the Lord!
Blessings to you my Friends.
Much love
Kelly Watts