Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Hello Everyone

It has been these past few months that I have been recovering.  Recovering from my Hysterectomy and then recovering from a horrible chest cold/flu.
Then, recovering from a flare from the bipolar weather here in Calgary over the winter... the very... long... winter.
I really wanted to get away to Arizona this Spring but it is really difficult to save money on one income. 
Sometimes I wonder about people, what do they think about me?  I mean Im a forty something lady living life like an 80 year old lady with aches and pains rumbling over my body.  I am very self conscious when I rent a scooter at the mall and receive some pretty strange reactions.  "I am too young to need a scooter at the mall."  at least that's what I tell myself.
I want so much to be a normal Mother walking through the mall with her boys taking them shopping...  I want to run like the other people.
Its hard living this particular life as I am sure it is difficult living your life also if you are dealing with Chronic pain and suffering every day; that is why I try to remain positive.  I try to focus on the beautiful things in this life that God has made. 
I have created a 'sunshine shot' journal in which I have taken selfies of myself every time the sun shone and God gave me a beautiful day.  This project helped me to get through a very bad year of 2013.
I pray that you all can find that something special to get you through difficult painful times.
Many hugs and blessings dear Friends.
Kelly Watts