Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Prolotherapy - Session 5 DONE!

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The above photo accurately depicts what it looks like to receive Prolotherapy.  The Nurse Practitioner/ or Doctor uses an Ultrasound Machine to ensure they do not hit any arteries or nerves and directly injects in between muscle and joint in your painful areas.  I am told that Naturalpaths do not use an ultrasound machine and that scares me as Eric (my nurse) has told me when he can see my arteries and nerves and without the machine how would you miss them?  So if you are going to get Prolotherapy, please ensure they use an Ultrasound.
Part 1 of my Prolotherapy consists of 6 sessions of injections into four areas of my body.  I have four main places he injects on my upper right spine, three on my upper left.  Then there are about six places he injects into my hip area.  Next he moves on to my left wrist then all five fingers.  Finally, my right ankle in three places.  (Apparently I win the prize for the most prolotherapy in one session before :)
Prolotherapy is a slow process and after five sessions (10 weeks time) I am beginning to see changes.  I have developed these bumps in my hips that are tender but feel strong and what I am feeling is the extra strength in that area, it is a good response.  My Physiotherapist told me she could feel strength in my spine that I did not have before Prolotherapy.  Also, the recovery time has changed drastically with this fifth session...
the swelling in my wrist and fingers went down within a day, where it took a whole week before.  Day 2 after session 5 I have already walked up and down the stairs 3 times and walked to and from our mailbox - before I was in bed for almost a solid two weeks until my next appointment (in other words I would just begin to feel better the day before Prolo).  My husband told me he notices my strength when Im sitting up in bed, not supported, as well as I am not trying to support my neck by holding it up by balancing my thumb on my top teeth.
Huge praise report to the goodnes of God`s grace and mercy.  I am so very thankful that the Lord led me to Prolotherapy.  I am feeling that I might just get my life back after so many years of being in pain.  Praise God!
Wishing you blessings on your healing journey.  May God lead you to your healing.
God bless you with much love
Kelly Watts