Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Almost Done Prolotherapy

I haven't posted lately because it has been a tough number of months tiring to recover from Prolotherapy treatments.  I only have one more treatment left out of 12.  I am really looking forward to not going through these painful treatments.

Has Prolotherapy cured me?  Unfortunately not, but it has strengthened my joints and I am able to exercise a little bit.  More than I have in a long time.  It is a slow road to learning how to live in this body of mine.  However, I am determined to feel better no matter what so I will continue to go forward on this journey.

I have learned quite efficiently how to tape my ankles and knees to help with not over stressing the joints.  For my ankles I tape them from bone to bone around the ankle, then from the bottom of my foot upwards around my ankle bones.  This has added a great deal of support.

For my knees I tape them pulling my kneecaps towards the inside of my legs.  This too adds strength to the joints as well as calms down the pain and inflammation.  Every person is different though depending upon the degree of hypermobility, if these particular joints bother you I suggest asking your Physiotherapist if taping your joints in this manner would help you.

Praying you are very blessed and can put this information to good use.


Kelly Watts