Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Camping and Weather with Chronic Pain

Well summer is here folks...
how do you enjoy the great outdoors while you have Chronic Pain?
What do you do?
I used to be able to go camping with a tent when my kids were young,
It was very uncomfortable sleeping on the ground, the cold nights
were difficult to get through.
So we decided to try renting a tent trailer,
still those cold nights came and my body would ache...
For a number of years now we have rented a trailer!

It is about the cost of $100 per day.  We rent it for a week.
In the trailer I can make the bed comfortable to sleep on with a memory foam topper, I can use my blankets that keep me warm.  I can use the microwave to heat up magic bags or plug in my heating pad.
It is so much more comfortable than tents or tent trailers.
This is the only possible way that I can camp these days and probably forever.
What do you do to enjoy the great outdoors?
Hugs and blessings everyone
Kelly Watts

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