Monday, April 8, 2013

Encouraging Others With Chronic Illnesses

(Artwork by Artist Kelly Watts 2013)
I am enamored by all the wonderful ladies I am meeting on Instagram.  The depth of these women is unlike anything that I have before encountered.  There are posts that say things like 'God gives the hardest battles to those who are the strongest'... something like that; after chatting with these ladies I have discovered that they are indeed the strongest.
I think about my illness (Fibromyalgia/IBS/Arthritis/Hypermobility of my joints) and I wonder... are illnesses like mine, or like Lupus, Rheumatoid Auto-immune etc., are they more prevailant now than they were say ten years ago?  And if that is the case... why?
I know that mankind has ruined our planet, we've destroyed our good healthy foods and stuffed our bodies with chemicals and we have done that pretty much willingly or should I say blindly trusting our Governments to nourish us, not to lie to us about what goes into our foods etc., and we continue to consume these processed foods knowing what is inside of them - DUH!!! 
Even me now, I began juicing at the beginning of January and I was feeling the great benefits, I lost 15 pounds and I was feeling so much better.
Then March comes along and I stop juicing as regularily, I start eating bread and meat and everything that I cut out of my diet... I gained back the weight and I am once again feeling crappy.  I know the solution...but do I do it??? 
So frustrating!
The problem is that I lack willpower and most of all the energy needed to continue juicing as I was before.  So, I have asked my Hubbub to help me by making me a veggie juice in the morning before he goes to work (like he doesn't have enough on his plate!).
This has helped me a lot.
Next step, due to my juicing and my IBS I have become lacking-in-fiber...
so, actually listening to my Mother's advice and admitting it, I have been taking the refuse from the juicer of the veggies and making homemade soup.  This gives me the fiber I so desperately need in my diet.
I am not giving up, because I believe I am strong.  I know that God has given me strength to fight this good fight and if I have to start over a million times I know that one day I will get it right!
I pray that all of you lovely peeps out there fighting the good fight with your illness will have the strength to do what you need to do to get through each and every day, may God strengthen you when you feel weak.
Much love and many blessings to you.
Kelly Watts


  1. Hi Kelly,

    I have been researching a lot about the effect of chemicals on our bodies and it really is startling.

    I too am drinking lots of green smoothies - I use a thermomoxi which is a super-blender and keeps all the goodness in. It's so great you're using the bulk from your juices to make soups. So good for you.

    I am trying to cut out as much gluten and sugar from my diet too.

    Also, I've gone as natural as I can in other products - cosmetics, deodrant (aluminium is a killer), perfume, other toiletries etc. I've got a massive box of all the nasty chemical-ladened products I've justed sifted from my bathroom sitting in the walk-in robe ready to bin or give to a women's refuge.

    It's time to start taking back the power and start shopping with our bodies in mind!

    Sharon xx

    1. Hi Sharon; it's crazy ya know... I don't know why I didnt make these changes earlier. I had two big veggie juices today and drank lots of water and I feeling so much better. Tomorrow I am making more yummy soup. You are so right, it is time we take our bodies back!!!:)
      Big hugs and blessings