Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Heat Seeker W/Flare-up

(Artwork by Kelly Watts 2013)
In my chats with other Chronic Illness sufferers I have discovered that Chronic Pain symptoms are helped and hindered in different ways depending on the person.

I am a heat-seeker!
The heat and the sunshine just make my body feel so much better.
However, it is not all heat that helps.  I am not good with humidity as it effects my Arthritis.
Some people feel better in the humid heat; some the dry heat.
Some love the cold weather... I am not one to share these views of cold.
I have a lovely friend in Australia who cannot wait for it to cool down there,
and here I am waiting for it to heat up here!
This week in particular is a strange one for me...
It is sunny and beautiful and I am in the middle of a flare-up!
It's like a double-edged sword...
I want to sit in the sun but I hurt sitting in my lounger for too long.
Then I lay down to rest and the sunshine is just mocking me!
I want to be outside when it is beautiful, I want to hike, run, jump and play!
I want to be normal with no pain, no illness, no Doctor appointments...
No sense in complaining about it...
I can only pray for God's healing to come down upon me... upon us all who suffer.
May His healing hand bring warmth and comfort to our bones,
may we sleep sweet knowing we are in the hands of the Almighty God.
May our hope and our strength come from the Lord
and may we be filled with so much of His love that there is NO room,
no cracks, no breaks where depression can sneak in.
How easy that creature slithers!
We need to stomp on him and kick him to the curb!
If possible we need to take back our lives to live the life we were made to live!
As I have said before, we are not without hope!
Know that you are not alone, I am always thinking about and praying for you!
Many hugs and blessings Dear Ones
Kelly Watts

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