Friday, May 3, 2013

One Bad Day... Just One

(Artwork by Artist Kelly Watts 2013)
Love God, Love others, Love yourself...
Especially on Doctor days!
Every month I have to go to the Doctor for a new prescription and I should be used to the fact that those days are pretty much going to be a right off.
Nope, I do not learn.
So after my appointment (which went really well by the way, according to my hubbub)...
I still broke down crying.
You see, I thought I was doing really well.  I thought I was dealing with everything really well.
Apparently not.
During the Doctor's appointment I broke down because I realized that I hadn't been able to exercise for a couple months.  I have been mostly in bed or laying on the couch just fighting each and every day to get through.
Pain does that to a person... it kind of traps us in our own bodies and holds us down.
I do what I gotta do in regards to finding a life worth living the best way that I can.
I turn to God for my strength and my support.
I turn to the gifts that He has given me to help keep me sane...
as well as to inspire and bless others.
Yes, I have to do most of my artwork from bed but that is not the end of the world; it just limits what art I can do.
My life is full of blessings and so I focus on those and I know that everything will be okay.
Praying that all of you are doing well... and if not... that you are doing the best that you possibly can right now.
Sending out healing thoughts to all my lovely spoonie sisters!
Sincerely with much love and blessings
Kelly Watts

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