Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Hot or Cold?

(Artwork by Kelly Watts 2011 Words of the Year)
This week I received a letter all the way from Australia from a sweet lady named Sharon.  She gave me a lovely card with a letter and made me a beautiful pair of earrings.  Thank you Sharon for your lovely gift, I appreciate it very much.
Her letter got me thinking... she mentioned that she was looking forward to the  cooler weather.   As for me... I never look forward to the cooler weather but long for the heat like a lizard in the desert.
As you might know I live in Calgary, Alberta Canada and we have had snow on the ground since the beginning of October... I have really been fighting this winter to get heat into my body.
We have an infrared sauna (but I do not always have the energy to hold myself up in a sitting position); I can sit in a hot bath for only so long; I have nearly worn out my 'umteenth' magic bag...
I need the sunshine and the heat.
The cold weather goes directly to my bones and they ache and ache.
What do you struggle with?  Hot?  or Cold?
What helps you?
The sunshine was smiling brightly today and I was in my 'happy place' in my dining room for as long as the sun shone through the window:)
I am very much looking forward to warmer weather as my trip to a warmer climate is on hold due to lack of funds with me not working:(  So sad.
I pray you are all having a wonderful low-pain week.  Many many blessings to you.
Kelly Watts

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