Saturday, March 9, 2013

Pain Management

Photo: A Tens Machine - how I get through the bad pain days!
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What do you do for pain management when your pain meds just don't seem to take the edge off?
A few months back I went for a visit at my girlfriend Tara's house.  She had just had back surgery for a herniated disc in her lower spine.
During our conversation it somehow came up that she uses a TENS machine that she purchased from her physiotherapist to help her with her pain.
I was surprised!  I had no idea that those little machines work for pain.  Had I known years ago I would have purchased one.
My Tens machine cost around $150.00 I think... I love it.
Not only does it help with FM pain but it also works for my joint pain on my arms, as well as placing the pads on my abdomen to help me with Menstrual cramping pain.
If you do end up purchasing... beware... it is super easy to shock yourself (Not seriously but enough to hurt).  Make sure you read all the information about this machine so that you are aware of how it works.
For me it has allowed me to take part in some activities I wouldn't be able to normally... such as go to the malls with my family, go out for lunch after Church, sit in Church, go over to friends houses for visits.
It works as a distraction from the pain for me.
I wanted to share this information for you so that if it can help even just one friend suffering from their chronic illness have a little less pain... then it's all worth it!
Many gentle hugs to you my fellow Spoonies!
Much love.
Kelly Watts

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