Sunday, March 10, 2013

Medication Check

(Artwork By Kelly Watts 2009)
What medications do all of you use?
What medications have you tried but have had horrible results?
I have been on medication since 1997.  I started on medication when my second born was well... born.  I was bedridden for 8 months due to the pregnancy shooting me some overdoses of hormones and all my joints would well... get out of joint!  I couldn't walk, I couldn't sit, I couldn't play with my firstborn on the floor anymore. 
That's when my depression kicked in.  When my son was born I felt NOTHING, it was like I was holding someone else's child but even then, it was less than that because I was completely numb and I LOVED BABIES!!!!
I had post-partum depression and was hospitalized just 8 weeks after my second child was born for three and 1/2 months. 
This is when I entered the medication industry and have been an avid member since 1997 (Unfortunately).
Medication for depression and anxiety and sleep were my starter meds coctail.
Paxil (which didn't work alone) so then added Nortriptyline.  Then atavan for the anxiety, and Chlora(Something) for sleep (a small nyquil looking gel pill)
This kept me in my bedroom for four years (literally) and Doctors called that functional???
Finally, in 2002 I find a Doctor who refers me to a "Mood Clinic" at the local hospital and they change up my medications being rather surprised that other Doctors just "LEFT" me as a hermet.
They put me on EFFEXOR (anti-depressant), Lorazepam (anti-anxiety)
small dose of Seroquel (anti-psychotic but in small dose used for sleep)
Oxazepam (anti-anxiety and used for sleep).
Through out my 14 year long depression these are the meds I used to help me through the depression, anxiety and sleep issues.  There were others in there but I cannot remember them.
I know that EFFEXOR helped me immensely and I am still on a low dose of this plus Lorazepam to calm my thoughts, Oxazepam to help with anxiety and sleep, and Immovane for sleep also.
For pain I am on Celebrex twice a day to help my joints.  I was on VIOXX when it was on the market but they stopped making that.  Now I am on Celebrex but their are side effects with this medication for heart problems.  I am not at risk yet but I will have to start thinking about getting off in a few years time.
And now I am on Cessamet, since February 26th so not quite two weeks.  It helps me sleep so well I cannot even tell you.  I have not slept this well in years and years.  I wake up in the mornings refreshed and ready for the day, my joints and FM don't usually bother me at first now whereas I used to have to stretch myself out every morning just to get out of bed.
I am able to accomplish a few tasks per day, whereas I wasn't accomplishing anything before.
Negative Side Effects:  Cloudy brain, blurry vision, dizziness, lack of motivation and sweet cravings.  I can handle the side effects if it takes my pain away or considerably.
I hope you find this information helpful.  If there is anything else you would like to know or if you want to share your specific stories and experiences pleas email me.
Kelly Watts


  1. When all of my problems started, I was put on celebrex, but I don't think that my body and celebrex got along very well. I was on it for a few months but had to stop, it was doing more damage than good.

    I am on Cessamet now, and I don't know what I would do without it. I don't get many side effects from it, but it definitely helps keep my nausea to a dull roar, and I take it in the evenings to try and get me relaxed and able to sleep. I have a whole bedtime drug routine... I'm taking Seroquel, Cessamet, cyclobenzaprine and zopiclone... I wish I didn't have to say that... and even with all that crap in my body, I struggle with painsomnia, and rarely get more than two - three hours at a time...

    Oh the joys of chronic illness...

    Great post Kelly!

    1. Hi Jill;
      Do you mind telling me what side effects you had on Celebrex. It is a little hard on the stomach.
      Cessamet helps me sleep but I find the more active I am, the more consumed I am from pain. Do you take a morning dose or just evening?
      I used to take Seroquel and I currently still take Zopiclone for sleep.
      Yes, the joys...
      Thanks for coming by Jill, I appreciate that very much.
      Hugs and blessings